In Quattro, A Global Pioneer in Two-Phase Cooling Solutions

In Quattro, A Global Pioneer in Two-Phase Cooling Solutions

Building a Cooler Future for the Next Generation High-Power Electronics

About Us

In Quattro (IQ) is a global pioneer in innovative, patented Two-Phase Pumped Flow Cooling Solutions for advanced thermal management of High-Power Electronics (HPE).

They provide innovative cooling solutions that meet temperature control challenges for high thermal power densities with greater reliability, low flow rates, and reduced electrical consumption. Their new two-phase cooling technology utilizes sustainable components and improves efficiencies for the most advanced applications in the following sectors: High-end Computers (Gaming PC’s and Workstations), Servers, HPC Servers, Data Centers, Electric Vehicles, and Aerospace Applications.

Two-phase cooling solutions for high power electronics

1 – High Performance Professional Workstations
In Quattro is developing and bringing to market an advanced, innovative, patented Two-Phase Pumped Flow Cooling Solution for high-end workstations powered by the most advanced processors for high-performance multi-tasking workflows. The new cooling solution, based on the patented evaporator, will remove up top 1000 Watts of thermal power from a single processor.


In Quattro’s new Two-Phase Cooling Solution is designed to cool up to 1000 Watts of heat generated by a PC processor. The advanced cooling system enables the most advanced high-performance PC processors from both INTEL and AMD to run safely.


The In Quattro Two-Phase Pumped Flow Cooling Solution is the next generation cooling system. It is an eco-friendly, sustainable solution developed through extensive R&D by a group of visionary researchers.


The In Quattro Two-Phase Cooling System uses an extremely low flow rate of 20L/hr (litres per hour) of coolant circulation to carry heat away from the processor, reducing energy consumption.

2 – Data Center
Cooling is one of the major challenges of data center design, especially in HPC (High Performance Computing) Data Center. The In Quattro patented Two-Phase Pumped Loop Technology can efficiently accommodate the increasing heat loads for the latest supercomputers. The new cooling technology enables high thermal density and greater processing power, for a marketable competitive advantage.


In Quattro is developing an innovative Two-Phase Cooling System integrated within a server rack. The new system is designed to provide a compact, high-performance, thermally dense cooling system for high-performance servers.

In Quattro’s Two-Phase Cooling Solutions are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Directly cooling the processors and reducing energy used to run the cooling systems lowers energy costs for client systems.

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Our Mission

Our mission at In Quattro is to raise thermal management of electronics to a new level with “Two-Phase Flow Cooling

Our innovation helps sustain the future of electronic applications by cooling high thermal power densities, reducing the cooling of electrical power/energy consumption and using sustainable environmentally friendly solutions.

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