3DWS: new technical partner for the team of IN-QUATTRO

In Quattro is delighted to announce a technical partnership with leading manufacturer of high performance professional workstations, 3DWS.

Established in 2002, in Tuscany / Italy, 3DWS is a manufacturer specializes in providing best of class custom graphics workstations designed and built for 3D Rendering Applications, VFX, CAD / CAM and Simulations.

3DWS builds top performance 3D Workstations, Render-Farms based on most powerful Intel® and AMD® CPUs and NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs. Offering personal consulting and support, that is becoming quite rare in the industry, 3DWS provides a superior level of selection and customization of powerful computing solutions for both Windows and Linux platforms.

With these high performance machines, temperature management of CPU and GPU is extremely important. In Quattro collaborates with 3DWS to equip the new generation of workstations with innovative two-phase flow cooling systems. This advanced cooling technology dissipates high thermal power while keeping workstation at optimum performance temperatures, quiet and maintenance free.

Further information on 3DWS can be found here: www.3dws.net.



For more information:
Giulia M. Luccioli (Advisor) – Email: g.luccioli@in-quattro.com
Giuseppe Zummo (Co Founder) – Email: g.zummo@in-quattro.com