IN-QUATTRO Participates in New Space Economy Expo

IN QUATTRO participates in #NSE2020 New Space Economy digital edition, a global event focused on the New Space Economy, to introduce its advanced thermal management technology, the first step towards a solution for cooling high-power electronics for next-generation satellites and spacecraft.

….Using technology developed for space will create an even more powerful product on earth…

In space, a host of issues that are nonexistent on earth become suddenly critical for temperature regulation. Satellites launched to provide us with capabilities such as 6G transmission must maintain stable heat levels to operate – IN QUATTROs  Advanced two-phase cooling is the better solution

As co-founder Giuseppe Zummo said:

“Space has always been the gateway to technological  advancements that have ultimately benefitted terrestrial  applications and generated innovative solutions.“

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IN-QUATTRO (IQ) is a global pioneer in innovative, patented two-phase pumped flow cooling solutions for advanced thermal management of high-power electronics (HPE). They provide innovative cooling solutions that meet temperature control challenges for high thermal power densities with greater reliability, low flow rates, and reduced electrical consumption. Their new two-phase cooling technology utilizes sustainable components and improves efficiencies for the most advanced applications in the following sectors: high-end computers (gaming PC’s and workstations), servers, HPC servers, data centers, electric vehicles, and aerospace applications.