Innovative design on display at COMPUTEX Taipei, May 28-June1, 2019

“We believe our Two-Phase Cooling System offers superior solutions for gamers and enterprises alike,” says Co-Founder Giuseppe Zummo, “Our years of experience in researches for space applications created the foundation for something truly innovative, an exciting system that will yield amazing benefits to all levels of customers.”

Two-Phase Flow Pumped Loop

An innovative cooling system to cool heat generated in electronic devices (CPU, GPU, FPGA, IGBTOptical Switch etc.). In a two-phase flow cooling system, heat is removed by evaporation and condensation of a working fluid, pumped by a pump through the loop.

Thanks to these efficient heat transfer mechanisms, this advanced thermal management solution is capable of dissipating larger heat loads compared to the available traditional methods (liquid cooling or heat pipes).

What is Innovex?

InnoVEX Taiwan is an exclusive event within COMPUTEX for technology startups and global buyers, investors and manufacturers. It attracts over 400 domestic and foreign startups looking to expand their business to the Asian markets, and almost 20,000 visitors each year. #Innovex 2019, May 29-31 / Taipei World Trade Center.

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