IN-QUATTRO Accelerates High-Performance Computing at TEXTROSSA (EUROHPC)

ROME, ITALY (May 24th, 2021) – IN-QUATTRO (IQ), a global pioneer in advanced two-phase cooling solutions, announces its participation in TEXTAROSSA ( (Towards EXtreme scale Technologies and Accelerators for HW/SW Supercomputing Applications for exascale), a project co-funded by the European High-Performance Computing (EuroHPC) Joint Undertaking to drive innovation in efficiency and usability of high-end HPC systems. IN-QUATTRO is developing a two-phase cooling system for single and rack-level servers in High-Performance Computing (HPC) data centers designed to significantly reduce the energy footprint of energy-consuming data centers and cloud providers.

TEXTAROSSA aims to achieve broad impact in the HPC field both for pre-exascale and exascale scenarios. Within the TEXTAROSSA consortium (in an effective co-design approach), IN-QUATTRO will be developing an innovative thermal management solution to meet the demands resulting from constant advances in the computer industry. Exponential increases in power and further miniaturization of components (CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs) generate ever-increasing heat levels in the electronics and create a significant demand for highly efficient heat dissipation systems to control the temperatures. Available thermal management solutions (liquid cooling, air cooling, heat pipe etc.) are simply not able to efficiently dissipate the high thermal power densities required by the new applications.

Fine-tuned thermal policies integrated with innovative cooling technology.

To achieve a breakthrough in thermal management, the project will integrate an innovative Two-Phase Flow Cooling Technology with fine-tuned thermal control policies based on high-resolution thermal sensors and thermal models expressed through equation-based object-oriented modeling languages.

The innovative feature of IN-QUATTRO’s patented cooling solution, based on two-phase mechanically pumped loops, is the use of flow boiling heat transfer for more efficiently cooling electronics. It allows the latent heat of vaporization to more effectively reduce flow rates and temperature gradients and increase heat transfer coefficients, compared to liquid cooling and air cooling systems

Giuseppe Zummo, IN-QUATTRO co-founder, said, “We are excited that our system has been included in an important international research project, TEXTAROSSA, to build the next-generation HPC system. The innovative two-phase cooling technology will provide our European partners a world-class competitive advantage in the data center market, enabling the exascale transition. At the same time, this new cooling technology, developed in Europe, will significantly increase European ability to break through the “power wall” that is limiting the growth of supercomputing facilities’ performance. We welcome the opportunity to bring IN-QUATTRO’s innovation into play, to address the industry’s current challenges and help support the sustainable extreme-scale HPC ecosystem in Europe.”    

TEXTAROSSA, co-funded by European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (JU) and by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), is coordinated by ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Development) and is comprised of 17 partners located in 5 European countries. The project will run for 3 years with the objectives of developing heterogeneous HPC platforms powered by the latest generation processors and reconfigurable hardware accelerators and implementing new multilevel thermal management and innovative two-phase-change liquid cooling. 

Two-phase cooling systems using evaporation and condensation are superior means of meeting the demands of cooling requirements in terms of compactness, weight, and energy consumption. The two-phase cooling technology proposed has been developed within the framework of researches carried out by the company’s co-founders in ENEA and ESA (European Space Agency) projects for boiling thermal management solutions in space applications, and recently by the support of ESA- Regione Lazio BIC (Business Incubator Center) and LazioInnova, and its application to HPC platforms is new.      

During the TEXTAROSSA project, the innovative cooling system will be customized to fit the requirements of node and rack levels for exascale applications. Two new solutions will be developed on principal components of the cooling system (evaporators and condensers). This innovative cooling technology is expected to improve cooling efficiency up to 70% compared to traditional air cooling and up to 30% compared to existing liquid cooling, and will be tested on both European partner’s infrastructures.

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